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When The Unexpected Happens So Can Miracles

    Recently our family was hit with some unexpected news this past week. My Uncle Pat, dad's youngest brother has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Though I am not close to him this is still hard for me. Family is important to me. My dad and Uncle Pat were always close.   I don't have many memories of Uncle Pat from my growing up, but the one thing that I do remember is when he and Aunt Joem got married. They got married on the family farm. My dad was the best man. I remember sitting with my Grandma at the service. Rev. Wayne Miller married them. The reception was at their house in Baker. It was just something that stuck in my mind.   Another memory I have of Uncle Pat is not so much a memory of him, but more of a Summer job I had. I was in college and I got a Summer job working at Wampler-Longacer (now Cargill) in Broadway, VA. I got what I thought was one of the worst jobs ever. I worked in the Evisoration Department. One night as I was working one of t

Old Fashioned

This weekend a new movie is coming out called Old Fashioned. From what I have read this is a great movie to go see. It is religious based. I am interested in seeing it. This got me to thinking about love. It got me to think about my views on love. I have said it many times that I want an old fashioned type of love. I wanted a romance like my grandparents had. I want someone to court me like they use to do. I want someone to take there time to get to know me before we both say that we love each other. Someone that is willing to take their time. I think that romance the old fashioned way is the best. It means that whoever decides to take a chance on you is willing to take there time to get to know you 100% before they fall in love with you. Above all I want someone to love me that is a Christian. Some may say that I am crazy, but I say that I know what I want. I am not going to settle for anything less. If you settle then you end up being unhappy. That is not good in a relations

Nuts in the Batter: Dealing with Difficult People

Unresolved conflict can definitely increase our feelings of anxiety and tension, which escalate over time. Like scum building up in the corners of the shower, emotional residue can dirty the edges of our peace without our even realizing it. As unsettling as it can be at the moment, it's important to deal with situations as they arise and not carry them around for weeks or even years...... Difficult people are often in our lives for unseen purposes. god's purposes. Perhaps to stretch us, grow us, or sand down our sharp edges by friction. Remember, even nutty lumps in the batter add flavor. Never answer a fool on his own foolish terms, or you will become like him; Rather, answer a fool on his own foolish terms, or he will become wise in his own eyes. ~Proverbs 26:4-5

Faith in the Eye of the Storm

Recently a situation came into my life that made me question my faith. This issue made me wonder why God would let me go through something like that. I realized that it was not God that was putting me through this, but instead it was the devil testing me to see if I would break. It brought me back to the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. I was beginning to feel like Jesus. Tempted and tried I knew that I had to have faith that things were going to get better. So I began to pray. I talked to God like he was right there with me. I told him that I knew that he was already at work in my life and he was at work in the situation at hand. I felt better. I felt like the devil was backing off. I continued to talk to God each day as though he was right there with me. I felt a peace that only God could give. He made me feel so safe. He made me feel that I did have the faith that it took to give this situation to God and that he would see me through it. My life was going to ge