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Submit Yourselves To God

Last Spring I went with some people from church to see the movie War Room and fell in love with it. This Summer I bought the book War Room and the DVD. I am still working on reading the book, but have watched the DVD several times. This movies has a great message. If you have yet to see it you really need to. There is a part of the movie that sticks out to me. Well there are several, but this one is at the top. It is in the movie that Elizabeth was in her War Room praying for her husband and she keeps repeating James 4:7 "Submit yourself to the Lord, resist the devil and he will flee." Then Elizabeth goes around her house talking to the Devil and telling him that he is not welcome in her life, marriage, lives of her family, and her home. That got me to thinking. I wrote this verse down in my prayer journal and I began to think on it. If we as Christians would submit our lives or our problems over to God and resist the devil's control then God will fight the battle.