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Life isn't burger king. You can always have it your way.

I tend to want to have things perfect or my way lots of times. I use to get very mad when things didn't go the way I thought that they should. I was one that had to have it my way . I have since that time figured it out that that is not a way to live at all. I have run into people over the years that believe that things have to be their way or the highway. They can not stand not being in control of life and the people in it. That is a sad way to be. You end up hurting yourself and others. You make people mad at you. You loose friends. Sometimes you even loose your job over it. People who have to have things their way all the time are covering up something that is going wrong in their lives. They don't want people to know that what is going wrong. That is sad. These are the ones that really need help. For example a person could be covering for an abusive relationship that they are in. They don't want people to know that what has been pe