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Who will do it when I am gone?

     I attend a church where a majority of the members are over 60. Out of the 26 people that come to church at any one time 22 of them are over 60. That leaves 4 people who are under 60. Now of those 4 people 3 of them are over 50. That leave one under 50. That is me. I am the youngest person that attends my church. The next oldest person is 50. What an age gap?      A majority of the time I hear the Seniors in the church ask why the younger people of the church are not taking a more active role. I stand back and laugh to myself. As the youngest person in church I try to take an active role, but am pushed out. I get told too often that I am not old enough yet to do things. Really? You complain on the one hand that you want younger people to do things and then on the other hand you push us away. What gives?      Some time ago I began looking at the future of our church. What it is going to look like years from now. The oldest people in our church are approaching 90 while me the young

Teachers and Aides Need A Summer Break

     It is that time of the year once again.....Summer. For some that means just another season. To those of us in the education profession that means everything. When school starts for the year we begin the countdown to the much needed Summer Break. We live for Summer. The one time that we can actually rest and recharge so that we can be at our best to teach the children that come through our classrooms.      Oh yes, we do love a good snow day now and then. But, here in West Virginia the law says that we have to go to school 180 days no matter what. A snow day, though we love them very much means that we have to make them up and sometimes that means adding days on at the end of the school year. Cutting into our precious Summer Vacation that we have longed for. In turn we may only get a month of vacation before school starts back up.      If you don't work in education you have no idea how important Summer is to us. We teach your children for 180 days. We deal with the pr

Moving On

     A little over a month ago I broke off a relationship that I had been in for almost 6 years. Things were not going in the direction that I had hoped for and in turn I felt that I needed to end things for me. Problem is that I had fallen in love so hard with him that I didn't want to break things off. I wanted to stay in the relationship. I wanted to stay in the familiar.     I realized that the relationship was toxic at best and that I needed to do what was best for me and not what felt comfortable. I knew it was going to be had for me to end things, but after a lot of prayer I was able to do just that.       I quickly realized that it was a good thing that I broke up with him. I found out that I was being lied to the whole time. It seemed that within a week of our breakup he had found someone new. He looked happy. However, I was a wreck because I was still deeply in love with him. I was unable to let go of how I felt.      Letting go and moving on after a break up is hard i