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Being in control

So often times I have come in contact with people that I have to always be in control of  everything. It has to be their way or they get upset. Life is not all about having it your way. You need to think about others as well. Sometimes being in control of it all hurts others.  I worked with a teacher once that had to have everything their way. I can remember one time when our schedule was changed she freaked out. Got upset about it. This teacher got upset at anytime the schedule would get changed. I don't think that she liked change at all.  I went to a church once were this one couple in the church was basically let to be in charge of everything. If something went wrong or something happened to upset their order of things they would get upset. I can remember once that some of the ladies in church decided to have a good by lunch for the pastor who was leaving their church. They didn't consult the couple and boy did they get mad. The lunch was canceled because the couple

Structure vs. Control

Have you ever wondered why some teachers have great classes and others maybe should reconsider their profession? It all stems down to the idea of structure vs control. Structure is about having a schedule, a routine, and making a great learning environment. It also has to do with the placement of furniture and how discipline is handled. Sometimes teachers can go beyond this and make it about being in complete control. Complete control is when a teacher has to tell the students how to do exactly everything that they do. For example in a Preschool Classroom the teacher tells the students what they have to do at each center during center time. When the students don't follow the teacher's directions the teacher ends up getting very upset and loosing control. A teacher that has to be in complete control of the classroom looses sight of what matters and that is teaching the students. It turns into all about them. They get very upset when things don't go their way. They get up

All Saints' Day

Traditionally in the church year the day after Halloween is called All Saints' Day. It is a day to remember those that have gone before us to live in Heaven. A friend of mine told me that at her church they read the names of those that passed in the during the past year and then ring the church bell for each name. I like that idea. This morning I got to thinking about people in my life that have passed who I would consider saints on earth during their lives. My Mom was one of those people. She had a good heart. She was always helping someone. She taught me the importance of the power of prayer. Then there was my Aunt Virginia. She always said to never give up in prayer. She would pray often for those that she knew who needed to get saved until they did. I was one of those such people. She was such a loving person. I could think of others too who lived a life of a saint on earth. All have had an impact on my life. They have in some way shaped me into the Christian that I