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Listening to God Speak

It finally happened to me. After years of praying to God I finally had it happen to me. I finally heard him speak to me. I was so happy to hear him. I thanked him for finally speaking to me. I think that the reason that he finally spoke to me is that I was finally listening to what he had to say to me. That is the thing. We talk to God and then we get so caught up with life that we forget to take time to listen to see if God is going to speak to us. Failing to listen for God's voice means that we are going to miss out on a wonderful blessing. God has great things in store for us. We just need to pay attention and find out what they are.  I have learned that the key to listening for God to speak is patience. We need to have patience and faith in order to hear from God. In this day and age most people want instant results. However, God has his own timing and he will speak to you when he is good and ready too. We need to wait on him. So when God finally s