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Recently a friend's father went to be with Jesus. It was not long after that someone we knew told my friend that the appropriate time for grieving was over. That my friend needed to put a period on the grief and move on. That got me to thinking. This person had no right to say what they did. My friend was just beginning her grief journey. For everyone the grief journey is different. We all go through the steps of grief different. The amount of time that it takes for someone to grieve a loss depends on the person. It has been almost 6 years since my Grandpa passed and I still grieve him quite often. Since my Mom went to be with Jesus in July one of the things that I have noticed is that sometimes I can be doing something or remembering something and just start crying. I know that it is good to cry. It is part of the healing. We all need a good cry now and then. It is also good to talk to someone who has recently been through the grief journey. They can relate to how


I am not one to like snow at all. That is a fact. I hate to drive in it and I hate that it has to happen. Snow is depressing. You are stuck in your house with no place to go. Then there is the thought of the ice that comes with or after it. Also not to mention that there may be power outages due to the snow. All of this is something that I don't want to think about. My friend Carol made an observation recently. She observed that I have made a change in my thought about Snow. I have mellowed a little. Fact is that I have come to the conclusion that snow is going to happen no matter what. That is a fact of life. I just need to get over it. I need to just deal with the fact that snow happens and puts a damper on my life. I look back on my hate of snow and attribute it to my Grandma Rittenour. She hated snow. So much so that when the first flake of snow fell she stopped driving. She made Grandpa due all the driving. If she had her way she would not have even gone out of the house i

How to make a Church survive

Recently I had been thinking about my church and how we are lacking adults in the 20-40 year range. We have more people in our church in 60+ range than anything else. My thought was how to get more young adults in the church. Then it hit me. My church has issues. First is that we can't get along. We have some in the church that want to run things and don't think of others feelings. Then there are some are what I call disconnect Christians who only come to church when they feel like it. They simply don't care. All this is why we can't get people into our church. People come to church and they see that we are having issues and don't want to have any parts of us. Then what happens is that in the end I get blamed for all the problems. That also drives people away. So how are we going to survive with me at 36 and the next oldest person at 50? The thing that we have to work on is getting everyone to get along first. Then we need on getting people connected to church