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Division Only Gets More Divided

A church was having some issues with a pastor so they ended up getting rid of the pastor. This pastor had caused lots of division in the church. After getting rid of this pastor the church began to heal and began to work at getting a new pastor. For months the church had fill ins, but were still not happy. Then they advertised for a full time pastor for the church. They had several applicants, but those in charge would not consider them. They wanted to bring back the pastor that caused the division and in the end that pastor came back. The pastor made promises that he said he would keep. He looked good to them. Well, when it was time for this pastor to start back with the church something went wrong. Attendance dropped by 75%. Offerings were down another 90%. Not to mention that within the first month of employment this pastor asked for a $40,000.00 raise (from $50,000.00). On top of that the pastor began to stop coming to activities of the church and even began to miss a Sunday or t

Postive Thoughts Bring Positive Results

As I drive to work each morning I listen to Joel Osteen Radio in the car. His sermons are awesome and they have a great message. Most recently Joel has been speaking about being positive and the power of your words. He says that what you say over your life or situation is what is going to happen. That you need to speak positive in order to get positive results. That when you speak negative that you are going to get negative results. Joel is right. I have realized that there have been situation that I have thought negative about and then changed my thinking to see the results that I have been wanting. If you are in a situation that you feel will not go your way don't loose hope. Start speaking positive about the situation and you will see results. Change your thinking to see what God has good in store for you. If you think more positive about things then more good things will begin to happen. Don't forget to seek God in the situation as well. Turing over the situatio

So Long School Year......Hello Summer Break!

So today is the official start to my Summer Break. Two month from today (8/17) I will be starting back to work. I hate to think that I only get 2 month off, but I am going to make the most of it. A part of me would rather have the Winter months off of work, but I know that I would just be stuck inside and could not go anywhere. One of the things that I look forward to each Summer is Church Camp. I love to share my love of Jesus with others. Plus it gets me out of the house for 8 hours a day. Plus I get some sunshine which has lots of Vitamin D. I get to interact with others that I don't see often and I get to see kids from school. I love the fact that the nights get longer in Summer. That means more time to get outside and enjoy life. Summer lends you to going places that you don't get to go most other times of the year. Most people go to the beach or camping. Summer is also the time that people tend to start a new diet, take time to read more, and just relax. This

A Year and What A Year It Has Been

June 4, 2014....I was at work when the call came. Sara had to be taken to UVA because something was wrong with her unborn baby Isaac. The prayer chains were activated and prayers were started for Sara, Mitchell, and the baby. That was the beginning of the journey for Isaac. June 4, 2015....Isaac turns 1 today and has been through so much in his sort life. He has had a heart transplant among the other procedures that he has had to have in the past year. He is a miracle for sure. I look back on his mother Sara and how much faith that she has had through all of this. I don't think that if I was in the same situation that I would be as strong. I admire Sara's faith through this. She has never given up on trusting God to see her through it all. God sure has never let her down. God has a plan and a purpose for Isaac to be sure. I can remember saying that Isaac was going to get a Christmas Miracle when he was in need of a heart. Sure enough he did get it right before Christma