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War Room

Last night some of us from my church went to see the movie War Room. If you have not seen this movie yer I highly recommend that you see it. The main focus of the movie is about the power of prayer. In the movie it talks about how we should use prayer in the right way to fight the battles in our lives.  I never had ever thought about how I pray before. This movie made me reexamine my prayer life. I want to be on fire in my prayer life. I don't want to be cold in it.I want to see more results from my prayers than ever before. In the move Ms. Clara has what she calls a War Room. That is a room in her house where she goes to pray. At the end of the movie it is said that her praying is baked into that room. I would love to have a prayer room of my own.  Prayer is a powerful weapon if used in the right way. When we pray we need to plead with God, tell him what is on our hearts, and then stand back so that the can do what only he can do. Then we will begin to see results

We are all in this together

     Sometimes I have to wonder what would make someone want to have sole control over a church. I was told years ago that the church was God's and that everyone had a right to it. Yes that is true. But, in some churches today you will find that there is that one person that has to be in control. They have to have their way about everything or they are just not happy. That is very sad.     People fail to realize that in order for the church to survive and work that everyone needs to work together. That everyone must be given a part to play in the life of the church. If this does not happen then the church in the end will die out. That is a sad fact that keep growing.      It is sad that in a lot of churches that there are no young people to keep the church going. Older members are set in their ways and want only to do things the way that they have always been done. Keeping things the same is not going to work anymore. Times are changing in the life of the church and people need t

Church Burnout

Recently a lady in my church was complaing that she was overwhelmed by all the things that she "had" to do at church and that she just could not do one more thing. The suggestion was made that she give up some of the things that she "had" to do. This lady refused to do, but till maintained that she could not take on more jobs at church. When people feel the need to be in charge at church the end result is burnout. They get to the point to where they feel that they just can't do one more thing. However, they feel that they have to still be in charge or things will fall apart. Soon resentment sets in. People begin to resent this person. They begin to question why this person does what they do. They begin to question why things have to be the way this person wants. In the end all this begins to pull the church apart. THE ROAD TO BURNOUT Over-commitment (always in motion); Inadequate breaks and rest (continuous ministry involvement); Idealistic sta