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Wicked Women of The Bible....Chapter 1: Wicked Lies..The Story of Eve...How the First Woman Swallowed the First Lie

The first chapter is all about Eve. It is based on Genesis Chapters 1-4. In this chapter it talks about how Adam and Eve came into being. Then it talks about life in the Garden of Eden. It also talks about the Serpent (Satan). Then the chapter goes into what happed after they left the garden. As I read this chapter I began to imagine what the Garden of Eden must have looked like. It had to be very beautiful. I am sure that there were lots of flowers and trees. There even had to be a waterfall and a lake. I imagine that it smelled like all the different flowers that were there. It would have felt safe, cool, and inviting. The bible never talks about Adam and Eve having a traditional wedding, but they were married none the less. I think that there marriage had to have been one of give and take. They would have had equal partnership in the relationship. They would have gotten along. No fights to be had. Everything was perfect. I think that God planted Adam and Eve in this garden p

Wicked Women of The Bible

Recently I received an e-mail about a new book that was coming out from bestselling author Ann Spangler entitled Wicked Women of the Bible. This title caught my eye and I wanted to learn more. So I then looked up the website  to find out more information. As I read through the site I cam across how to apply to be a part of the launch team. I thought "I would never get it, but it is worth a shot." So I applied. I was getting a little nervous about hearing back, but never gave it  second thought. Then yesterday when I got the mail their was a package for me. In it was the advanced reading copy of Wicked Women of the Bible. One of the things that you are asked to do as you read this book is to blog about it (if you blog). In the coming days and weeks I will be reading the book and blogging about each chapter of the book. I hope that by reading my blog about the book that you will be interested in reading this book. There is also a book W

Making Peace With God's Plan

Recently my mother passed away unexpectedly. It was a shock to both me and my sister. Never once did my sister and I think that Mom could be very ill and not tell us. The day that Mom died I had a serious talk with God. I was in a place that I never thought that I would ever go again and I promised my Aunt Virginia 20 years ago that I would never go. You see 20 years ago (1994) my dad died unexpectedly. At that time I gave up on my faith. I hated God and didn't want anything to do with him. I couldn't understand how a God that clamed to love me could take my dad away. There I was again. If God loved me then why did he take my Mom away. When I pray I talk to God like he is right in the room with me. On this day I made sure to tell God how I felt about what had happened. My faith was shaken. Then I heard God's voice. He gave me a peace that made me feel so much better about the situation. He explained to me how Mama's work in this life was over and t


Sometimes when all hope seems lost you have to have faith that things will get better. You have to be an optomist in the midst of the storm. God will see you through it. You have to stay positive when others are negative. When you stay positive good things will happen to you. God will bless you greatly. He will see you through. You just have to believe. So when you are going through a storm just stay positive and know that God is in control.

The Power of Prayer, Faith, and Good Friends

Recently my Mom had to have surgery. On the day before the surgery Mom asked me to post on Facebook for prayers for her. Mom is a strong believer in the power of prayer. She says that when people are praying for her that she can feel their prayers. Mom was suppose to come home the day after the surgery, but plans changed. I am not one that deals with change well and this was something that really upset me. However, I knew that God had a plan and a purpose in Mom staying put. That was my faith taking control. I had to have faith that God was in the driver's seat. Then there is the fact that friends of mine on Facebook saw my post about Mom and went to visit her in the hospital. She was very surprised. My sister and I were too. That was so nice that in one instance that people we knew were in town and stopped to see Mom at the hospital. In another instance people just decided to get in their car and drive to the hospital to see Mom. It was reassuring to my sister and I that peopl

Let Go and You Will Feel Better

Recently I have started taking an exercise class that has really been very good for me. When I started the class I had reservations about doing some of the exercises. But, after the first class my mind was changed. I can't do a lot of the exercises right now, but I realize that the more that I do them the more that I will be able to do them. One part of the class is about letting go of things that you don't need anymore. Letting go of the things that weigh us down. It is when we do that that I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel so at peace. That is why when we let go of things that are weighing us down we feel so much better. We are not being held back by things that have no meaning to our lives. We are then free to drink in what life has to offer us. I know for me just sitting in the class letting the weight of the world go I feel so much better. I need to do this more often so that I can hear God more clearly. Then I will be more able to let God be in control wh