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I have lived in WV all my life. Still live in the same town. Still have some of the same neighbors. Nothing much has changed in 38 years. I grew up in Lost City. If you blink when you are driving through you will miss it. Nothing to see or do here. Just a dot on the map. My father was a farmer. We lived near the family farm. My dad raised cattle. Mom was a high school teacher for 40 years. She taught math, but for many years was a high school librarian. My Mom's family lived on a farm. My Grandpa Rittenour raised chickens, sheep, and Angus Cattle. He had awards for his sheep and cows. I remember often spending time with Grandpa going to the chicken house or out to the sheep shed to help him. There were times that I would help feed the cows too. I learned to appreciate hard work and to be grateful for what I had. We didn't have much, but we were thankful for it. Faith in God was important. Mom took us to church every Sunday. Dad was of the opinion that you d

Old Desks

Rev. Joel was telling this morning about a desk that was in one of the houses that he had lived in as a child. The desk was old, metal, and heavy. It reminded me of one that my Uncle Ed had in the den at his house. I think that it was his desk at Don Cartage in Michigan. I am not sure. That desk was metal and heavy. It has a piece of clear plastic on the top and under the plastic was all sorts of pictures and clippings that were important to him. The desk had an old metal office chair with wheels that went with it. Lots of memories of that desk. I use to do my homework on it when I would stay with Uncle Ed and Aunt Virginia. Uncle Ed would study his bible on it. Sometimes Aunt Virginia would write her letters on it. As I think about that old desk I am reminded that some people are like that desk. The are unmovable. Things have to be their way and there is no changing them. They have a comfort zone that they are not moving from. Then there comes a point that like the desk these p

Toxic People

There are days, most in fact that I feel drained. For the longest time I felt that the drain was coming from the stress I was under. Then recently I took a look at the situation that I was in and came to the conclusion that that the reason that I am drained is that I am around a toxic person. I can't believe how long it took me to figure this out. Toxic people will ruin your life and steal your joy. They will drain the life out of you. You will be so worn because of these kind of people. It is like they are a disease to your life. Don't know what a toxic person is? Here are some characteristics of a toxic person. 1. Speaks badly about others. This person speaks bad about others in the hopes that it will make them look good. Sometimes it works and other times it just ends up making them look bad. 2. Are Negative. These type of people always see the down side of things. They never see the good. For example they complain about a co-worker stressing them out.

Be Careful Who You Trust

In the last year I have come to learn that you need to be very careful of who you trust. There are just some people that will take what you tell them and use to to get what they want. This has happened to me in my job. I use to work with a person that I could not tell things too because they would use them to get what they wanted. This person loved to tattle tail on me just to make themselves look good. They thought that by telling on me that they could get what I had. Didn't work out so well. Currently I work with some people that can't be trusted. One in particular has made comments to me that let me know that they are trying to get me into some trouble so that they can get what I have. I had to tell them that no matter what happened to me that they were far enough down the line that if I lost my job they would not get it for a very long time. These kind of people who can't be trusted are the ones that will do whatever it takes to throw you under the bus so that

Leave A Legacy

Today was the Opening Day of schools. As the Superintendent gave his speech this morning he talked about a teacher that had made an impact in his life. My mind got to thinking of that one teacher in my life that had made an impact on me. This afternoon as I sat in the cafeteria of East Hardy High School that person came to mind after thinking about how much the school has changed in so many different ways. Sitting in that cafeteria I realized the one teacher in my life that made a difference to me was my Mother. My Mom had taught school 40 years and 30 of them in that very building when it looked a lot different. My Mom started her teaching career at Moorefield High School where she did her student teaching in Math with Coach Johnny Paugh. Funny thing is that Coach Paugh had taught my Grandma Rittenour some many years before at Mathias High School. Mom's first real teaching job was at Wardensville High teaching math were she was known as Miss Rittenour. It was not long

So Long Summer

Tonight I am saying so long to Summer. Why you ask? Labor Day is the official end to Summer. Well, you are right. However, for us educators the official end to Summer is the last day before we have to head back to work. When I was a kid Labor Day signaled the end of Summer and the beginning of school. Now it seems that schools are starting earlier and earlier. Meaning that those of us that work in the school system are having our precious Summer break cut short. I am sure that parents are ready to send their children back to school cause they have had enough of them being at home. I can tell you that educators are not ready to go back. We want more Summer. We want more break. My Mom taught school for 40 years. During the 30 years of my life that she taught I came to realize why Summer Break was vital. Mom worked late hours making sure that the library at East Hardy High was up to date. She wanted to have the best for the students. Mom always said that a sign of a good teac

Back To School

It is that time of year again. Back to school time. This time of year can be stressful or it can be smooth sailing. To make this time of year smooth for both you and your child I have a few tips that I want to share with you. Please take my advice. I am an Educator and what I say is 100% fact. These are things that I have learned over the years that I think that parents need to know. 1. Buy everything on the supply list.  When the school supply list comes out you need to by everything that is on the list and buy name brand. Yes it will cost more. However, named brand works better and last longer. Also buying everything on the supply list helps your child's teacher out. It is less that they have to buy for the classroom. You would be surprised at how much of their own money that teachers spend on their classrooms each year. 2. Continue to help with supplies.  There are always things on the supply list that the classroom uses all year long and goes through lots of. Make sure t

Taking Proper Care

Recently a friend of mine reposted on Facebook a post from a lady who's used 2014 Chevy Cruze caught on fire. This lady was trying to warn people about what had happened and in a small way blame Chevy for the fire. My thought was that Chevy may not be to blame here.  Lets look at what we know. The 2014 Cruze was used and that in itself can present problems. Being that it was used threw up red flags for me. My first thought was what if the previous owner knew that there was a problem with the car and didn't want to put out the money to fix it. So instead they sell it and get a new one.  Then there is the other huge thing that may be just the cause of what happened here. The previous owner had failed to have proper maintenance done on the car. Not taking proper care of a car can cause serious problems.  I owned a 2014 Cruze. I took it back for regular oil changes to the dealer. They made sure to give it a look over to make sure that there was nothing wrong and

Wrestling With God

Two years ago on July 16, 2015 my Mom passed away. At that time I got very angry with God. So to knock some sense into me he and I had a Jacobesk wrestling match. This went on for sometime until I came to realize that God was not the enemy here. That he was there to help me to get through one of the toughest times in my life. So here I am again. Angry with God about the loss of the most amazing man in my life. After 6 years of being with Jeremiah it all came to a stop. I had fallen in love with Jeremiah. My heart was broken into pieces. I was determined to fight to save what we had. I was determined to keep Jeremiah in my life. I was in love. I had fallen in love for the first time and now I was hurting. So I have been on a wrestling match with God once again. Trying to come to some sort of answer as to why I had to loose the love of my life. To figure out why I had to hurt as much as I do. To figure out why he could move on so fast. Wrestling to just plain out find answers. I ha

One Year Ago

August 4, 2016 is a night that I will never forget. It was a night that changed my life forever. That night I took a chance and went to the Tri-County Fair to meet my boyfriend (now ex) for the first time. We had been talking online and it was time to take the next step. When I looked into his beautiful blue eyes that night I was drawn into his heart. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in this case his eyes took me to his heart. I never knew what true love was until I looked into Jeremiah's eyes. The moment that I looked into his eyes I fell in love. I wanted to have him forever. He had my heart from that moment on. Even though we are broken up now he still has my heart. He will forever be my first love. It is hard to get over your first love. I still to this day look at his picture and feel all the same things that I felt that first time I looked at him. Those are feeling that don't easily go away. I know he has moved on. I respect that. However