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The True Meaning of Easter

I recently watched a program on TBN called Golgotha hosted by Joseph Prince. This story talks about the true meaning of Easter. It was very moving. The program focused on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It focused on Mary and what she was thinking about Jesus death. It got me to thinking. In Old Testament times people brought lambs to the temple to be sacrificed for forgiveness of their sins. Part of the service was for the person bringing the lamb to place their hands on it. This was to transfer their sins onto the lamb before it was sacrificed. This was like what God did. He sent his son Jesus to be the sacrificial lamb to take away the sins of the world. When Jesus was on the cross he did it willingly. He showed those there that day that he was man and God. He wanted to prove to the world at that time that he was here for a higher purpose. Jesus came to Earth to save us from sin. We in turn are to go share the news of Jesus love with all those that we meet. We need to be th

Have It Your Way?

Burger King has the slogan Have It Your Way and that is fine for the fast food industry. However, in the education system that is not a good line of thinking to have. Let me explain why. In the education system there are certain things that are expected of you not only by the County BOE, but also the State BOE. If you don't abide by these things or do what is expected of you then you could loose your job and as a teacher you could even have your license to teach pulled. Also you never know when the State or the County will make a visit to your school. Often times they will make a random appearance in your building. Make sure you are doing what needs to be done. Make sure you are doing your best at all times. Be prepared at all times. You never know too when your Principles will come into your classroom unannounced either. Don't micromanage things in the classroom. That can cause big time stress to happen. As a teacher if you micromanage everything then you are going to fe

Worry Less, Pray More

I have found that over the years I tend to worry a lot. Mostly about things that I will never be able to change. Then a friend suggested that instead of worrying about it that I give it over to God and let him handle it. I would feel so much better for it. So that is what I did. Sure enough I felt much better. Recently I have found myself praying often. I find that when I feel that things are out of control that I can go to God in prayer about what is going on. I can give it over to him and it is like a big weight has been lifted. Some months back I saw the movie War Room. That has inspired me to begin writing prayers for every aspect of my life that I feel is out of control or that I just need a little help from God in. It has really helped me. I find that I am talking to God more often than I ever had in the past. My Mom was a big believer in the power of prayer. She would pray all the time. That has started to happen to me. I pray all the time now

Life is too short

Life is too short to waste time. This is something that I have learned all too well in my life in the past year. Life is just too short. Last year at this time my Uncle Pat was dying of cancer. I look back and think that I should have spent more time with him, but I realize that I did what I needed to do for him because he would only let me do so much. My Mom passed in July. I look back and think about all the things that I could have done for her, but realize again she would only let me do so much. Life is too short to look back on life and realize that you should have done this or that for someone. Life is too short to regret one minute of your life. We should all be like the Goodman Family Song I Don't Regret a Mile. Howard Goodman wrote in that song that he did not regret life. He was glad in a way that he lived his life to the fullest for the Lord. That is the way that we should all be. Don't beat yourself up about life. Live life to the fullest each and everyday. Yo

Adopted Mom

Sometimes in life there are people that come along when we need them and make us a part of their family. Back in July 2015 my Mom went to be with Jesus. It wasn't long after that that my cousin Shawna's Mom adopted me and my sister Mary. I know that God had a plan in this. I am so thankful that Ginger has taken Mary and I in as her own children. Adopted child is wonderful. However, it is not the same as having my real mom around. I miss her everyday. I was not ready to let Mom go. Ginger has been there to fill a void in my life. I have been going through the most hurtful pain in my life. I never expected to loose Mom when I did. I will admit that I was so mad at God for taking Mom away. I realize now that God had a bigger plan in all of this. I am so thankful each and everyday that God knew who I needed at a time of great loss in my life. I have been adopted into a wonderful family. I feel so loved. I am blessed. This reminds me of the fact that I

Best Friends, Cousins, and Sisters

I  have some of the greatest friends ever. Some of my friends are so close to me that I would call them my sisters. They have been there for me when I needed them the most. I am so thankful that God has placed them in my life. First there is Andrea. She has a good heart. She loves to help others. She was not only my friend, but also a good friend to my Mom. I can count on Andrea for anything that I need. Andrea has gotten me to do Yoga. I love doing it with her each week. She knows when I need a pick me up and brings me such wonderful gifts. Then there is my friend Jackie. We met at work. She showed me the ropes and we have been friends since. I can talk to her about anything and she will listen. I love her kids. Jackie is awesome. She has a heart of gold. Jackie would do anything for anyone. Then there are my cousins. I have some of the best. There is my cousin Shawna. We have practically grown up together. I am thankful for all the time that we have s