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Listening to Jesus

We all pray. We all pray in different ways. It is our way of talking to God or Jesus. When I pray I talk to God or Jesus like he is right there in the room with me. No matter how we do it God and Jesus hear us.  Do you ever take the time to listen? I mean really listen. Often times when we pray we expect an immediate answer to our prayers. A quick fix if you will. That is not what God does at all. He gives us the answer that he knows is best for us in his own time.  I use to be impatient about hearing an answer from God. I would get so mad when I didn't hear from him or it was not the answer that I wanted. I have learned to change. I have learned to listen. There are times when I just go to God and say I am listen when you are ready to answer. Often times I hear from God at times when I least expect it. One night I was sleeping and God woke me up from a dead sleep to tell me an answer.  I have been driving down the road and got a answer. Sometimes God stops me

The Presence of Jesus

Have you ever felt the presence of Jesus? Have you every felt something that you knew without a doubt that it was him? Well, I did and it gave me a peace that I have been praying for. It was like an answer to my prayers. I have been for awhile praying for different things in my life; my health, my job, my church, my family. Yesterday for a brief moment I was stopped in my tracks. Then I felt this great peace come over me. Then I heard a voice say that it was going to be ok and that my prayers were being answered. I don't know what that all meas, but it is good enough for me.  I had to stop and in my mind say Thank You Jesus. So on my way home as I do most evening I talked to God and I thanked him for letting me know that what I have been praying for is going to see answers. God's time is always the right time.  Most often when we pray we want imidate answers to our prayers. That is not how it works. We pray and God answers our request in his own time. God knows

Friday Night Lights

They say that in Texas it is a Friday Night tradition that everyone in small towns goes to the local high school to cheer on their local football team. At least that is how it works in the tv show Friday Night Lights and the movie Varsity Blues. Here in Hardy County it is a Friday Night tradition that people come out in droves to watch the local football teams in action. We have two teams in our county. One is the East Hardy Cougars and the other is the Moorefield Yellow Jackets. As long as I can remember these two teams have been county rivals.  Fans come out on Friday Nights to watch their team play no matter what the weather. Announcers do play by play action on the local radio station WELD for fans who can't make the game. With technology the way it is you can now get play by play action on Twitter via the local newspaper the Moorefield Examiner. This season so far has been a good one. East Hardy has won back to back games. Moorefield has lost back to back