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Kundalini Yoga

This past Summer I began taking Yoga Classes with my friend Andrea. She teaches Kundalini Yoga. At first I was skeptical about doing it, but once I got started I was hooked. I feel so relaxed after each class. I can't wait to go to class each week. It is great. I am writing this blog to help people to understand what Kundalini Yoga is all about. There are many misconceptions about the practice and I hope that after you read this blog that those will be dispelled. Maybe you will be inspired to even try it. What is Kundalini Yoga? It is basically about awakening the inner self. In Kundalini you awaken the energy centers in your body and learn how to use them awaken your body. "Kundalini" is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means "coiled snake." In early Eastern religion (long before Buddhism and Hinduism) it was believed that each individual possessed a divine energy at the base of the spine. This energy was thought to be the sacred

Adopted Family

This past July my Mom went to be with the Lord. My sister and I were very devastated at loosing her. I will admit that life without Mom in it has been hard. I find myself crying over the little things that remind me of Mom. I am trying to deal with her loss that best that I can. I have friends that I can talk to and that is great. However, there are times that you really need your Mom to talk to. That is when I fins myself missing her the most. The day that Mom died my cousin Shawna and her mom Ginger where with my sister and I. Also there was our friend Jeannette. I was so glad that they were at the hospital with us. Just having someone to talk to and to be there when the tears flowed was awesome. Since Mom passed I have been adopted into a whole new family circle. Jeannette, her husband Brian, son Sean, and Jeannette's parents have welcomed me into their family. I am so thankful that the second day that Mom was in the hospital that Jeannette's dad

Grief , holidays, and support

Back in July my Mom passed away unexpectedly. After her passing people have come to me with all sorts of suggestions on how to deal with my loss and grief. Some of those people understand what I am going through. Others have no idea what it is like. Then there are others who don't think it is a good idea to grieve the loss of a loved one. Put a period and move on they say. Everyone grieves in their own way at their own time. I have experienced a lot of loss in my life. I have dealt well with it for the most part. However, I think loosing Mom has been very hard on me. I have done a lot of praying and looking to God for help. I have good friends that have been their for me through all of this. One of the hardest times during the grieving process is the holidays. I remember 21 years ago today my dad passes away. That first Christmas was hard. I was 15 and my sister was 10. No one could have thought that we would have dealt as well as we did. Dad always brought Mom flowers at the h

Jesus, The Reason for the Season

Christmas Time is just around the corner. People are putting up decorations and getting ready for the holiday. All too often we loose sight of the real meaning of this season. That is Jesus. Think about it. If Jesus would have not been born that first Christmas Night we would have nothing to celebrate. Picture it. Mary and Joseph traveled a far distance to take part in the censes so that they could be taxed. Mary road on a donkey and Joseph walked. They probably traveled for several days. They were tired and hungry. After having participated in the censes they wanted to get something to eat and find a place to sleep. This was next to impossible. Fact was all the room in the inns in the city of Bethlehem were full. Joseph explained the situation that they were in to the last inn keeper they can across. Mary was with child and it was time for that child to be born. They needed a place to sleep now. So the Inn Keeper gave them a room in the stable. That was better

Jesus Loves You.....But You Don't Really Mean That

Recently I was involved in a some what of an argument at church. The end result as I was walking away was that the person that was arguing with me said Jesus Loves You and I Love You. I was shocked. Those words had never before come out of that persons mouth to me. I was blown away. Had my prayers been answered. I didn't take it too seriously. I have come to believe that people who claim to be Christians, but are really not (talk the talk, but don't walk the walk) tend to say things that they really don't mean. This was on of those times. Following worship this person gave me the weekly sermon like always. Nothing had changed. Don't take the love of Jesus lightly. Jesus died on the cross to save you and me. That is a big thing. Don't think that in an argument that you will win if you say Jesus Love You. You are just covering up for the fact that you may not be right. When I tell someone Jesus Loves You I mean it. I take the love of Jesus seriously. I know that

Being in control

So often times I have come in contact with people that I have to always be in control of  everything. It has to be their way or they get upset. Life is not all about having it your way. You need to think about others as well. Sometimes being in control of it all hurts others.  I worked with a teacher once that had to have everything their way. I can remember one time when our schedule was changed she freaked out. Got upset about it. This teacher got upset at anytime the schedule would get changed. I don't think that she liked change at all.  I went to a church once were this one couple in the church was basically let to be in charge of everything. If something went wrong or something happened to upset their order of things they would get upset. I can remember once that some of the ladies in church decided to have a good by lunch for the pastor who was leaving their church. They didn't consult the couple and boy did they get mad. The lunch was canceled because the couple

Structure vs. Control

Have you ever wondered why some teachers have great classes and others maybe should reconsider their profession? It all stems down to the idea of structure vs control. Structure is about having a schedule, a routine, and making a great learning environment. It also has to do with the placement of furniture and how discipline is handled. Sometimes teachers can go beyond this and make it about being in complete control. Complete control is when a teacher has to tell the students how to do exactly everything that they do. For example in a Preschool Classroom the teacher tells the students what they have to do at each center during center time. When the students don't follow the teacher's directions the teacher ends up getting very upset and loosing control. A teacher that has to be in complete control of the classroom looses sight of what matters and that is teaching the students. It turns into all about them. They get very upset when things don't go their way. They get up

All Saints' Day

Traditionally in the church year the day after Halloween is called All Saints' Day. It is a day to remember those that have gone before us to live in Heaven. A friend of mine told me that at her church they read the names of those that passed in the during the past year and then ring the church bell for each name. I like that idea. This morning I got to thinking about people in my life that have passed who I would consider saints on earth during their lives. My Mom was one of those people. She had a good heart. She was always helping someone. She taught me the importance of the power of prayer. Then there was my Aunt Virginia. She always said to never give up in prayer. She would pray often for those that she knew who needed to get saved until they did. I was one of those such people. She was such a loving person. I could think of others too who lived a life of a saint on earth. All have had an impact on my life. They have in some way shaped me into the Christian that I

War Room

Last night some of us from my church went to see the movie War Room. If you have not seen this movie yer I highly recommend that you see it. The main focus of the movie is about the power of prayer. In the movie it talks about how we should use prayer in the right way to fight the battles in our lives.  I never had ever thought about how I pray before. This movie made me reexamine my prayer life. I want to be on fire in my prayer life. I don't want to be cold in it.I want to see more results from my prayers than ever before. In the move Ms. Clara has what she calls a War Room. That is a room in her house where she goes to pray. At the end of the movie it is said that her praying is baked into that room. I would love to have a prayer room of my own.  Prayer is a powerful weapon if used in the right way. When we pray we need to plead with God, tell him what is on our hearts, and then stand back so that the can do what only he can do. Then we will begin to see results

We are all in this together

     Sometimes I have to wonder what would make someone want to have sole control over a church. I was told years ago that the church was God's and that everyone had a right to it. Yes that is true. But, in some churches today you will find that there is that one person that has to be in control. They have to have their way about everything or they are just not happy. That is very sad.     People fail to realize that in order for the church to survive and work that everyone needs to work together. That everyone must be given a part to play in the life of the church. If this does not happen then the church in the end will die out. That is a sad fact that keep growing.      It is sad that in a lot of churches that there are no young people to keep the church going. Older members are set in their ways and want only to do things the way that they have always been done. Keeping things the same is not going to work anymore. Times are changing in the life of the church and people need t

Church Burnout

Recently a lady in my church was complaing that she was overwhelmed by all the things that she "had" to do at church and that she just could not do one more thing. The suggestion was made that she give up some of the things that she "had" to do. This lady refused to do, but till maintained that she could not take on more jobs at church. When people feel the need to be in charge at church the end result is burnout. They get to the point to where they feel that they just can't do one more thing. However, they feel that they have to still be in charge or things will fall apart. Soon resentment sets in. People begin to resent this person. They begin to question why this person does what they do. They begin to question why things have to be the way this person wants. In the end all this begins to pull the church apart. THE ROAD TO BURNOUT Over-commitment (always in motion); Inadequate breaks and rest (continuous ministry involvement); Idealistic sta

Control Freeks In Church

  It seems like in churches today that there are at least one person who feels the need to control what goes on at church. They control everything down to what the Preacher's sermon is about on Sunday. They are happy, but then in ends up that the members of the church resent them for being in control.     Having one person in control of the church is not a good thing. It is a bad thing. It causes problems and in the end closes the church down. You have to find a way to deal with those people who feel the need to be in control of everything.   What can you do? Rebel is on thing. Don't follow the norm when it comes to people like this. You don't need to be a sheep. You need to stand up for yourself. Do what you think is right. You will feel better for it.   Pray about what is going on. Let God know how you feel about the situation and ask him to help you deal with it in the right way. That way you don't make a fool out of yourself.   Sometimes peopl

Wicked Women of the Bible....Chapter 2: Wicked Old...The Story of Sarah...How a Ninety-Year-Old Got Pregnant and Set Tongues Wagging

This is the second chapter in Wicked Women. This chapter focuses on Sarah. The chapter beings to talk about how Abraham is almost 100 years old and Sarah is not far behind him. As the chapter begins Sarah is pregnant. That is something that was highly unlikely given both of their ages. Hagar, Sarah's servant had tried to cause trouble. She claimed that Sarah had cheated on Abraham which in turned caused God to render Sarah barren. However, Hagar didn't have the whole story. Abraham had asked Sarah to tell a lie to save them. He was protecting them both. She had to tell the Egyptians that she was Abraham's sister lest they kill him to try to get to her. Abraham's worst fears came to light. Pharaoh heard of Sarah's beauty and had to have her for his own. After showing Abraham with gifts of which Hagar was one, clueless Pharaoh added Sarah to his harem. Before visiting Pharaoh's bedchamber, Sarah had to look the part. That was to be transformed into an Egypt

Bible Journaling

      I love to read the bible and I in fact own several different versions of the bible, about 10 in all. One of my favorite bibles is the one that belonged to my Great-Uncle Ed. In it is hand written notes of his on all the pages. At first I was appalled that someone would write in their bible like that. That is because I was raised with the belief that your bible was sacred and that you didn't write in it. Then I thought how neat this was. Recently I discovered Bible Journaling. This is a whole new way to make your bible your own. It involves writing and drawing in the margins of the bible. I was taken in b the beautiful art work that some had put in their bibles. It looks like they had taken time to make something very meaningful on the pages. Before you get started you will need to gather your supplies. Here are some suggestions of what to get. ESV Single Column Journaling Bible Liquid Color Pens Bic Stick Grip Pens Bic Mechanical Pencils Twistab

Wicked Women of The Bible....Chapter 1: Wicked Lies..The Story of Eve...How the First Woman Swallowed the First Lie

The first chapter is all about Eve. It is based on Genesis Chapters 1-4. In this chapter it talks about how Adam and Eve came into being. Then it talks about life in the Garden of Eden. It also talks about the Serpent (Satan). Then the chapter goes into what happed after they left the garden. As I read this chapter I began to imagine what the Garden of Eden must have looked like. It had to be very beautiful. I am sure that there were lots of flowers and trees. There even had to be a waterfall and a lake. I imagine that it smelled like all the different flowers that were there. It would have felt safe, cool, and inviting. The bible never talks about Adam and Eve having a traditional wedding, but they were married none the less. I think that there marriage had to have been one of give and take. They would have had equal partnership in the relationship. They would have gotten along. No fights to be had. Everything was perfect. I think that God planted Adam and Eve in this garden p

Wicked Women of The Bible

Recently I received an e-mail about a new book that was coming out from bestselling author Ann Spangler entitled Wicked Women of the Bible. This title caught my eye and I wanted to learn more. So I then looked up the website  to find out more information. As I read through the site I cam across how to apply to be a part of the launch team. I thought "I would never get it, but it is worth a shot." So I applied. I was getting a little nervous about hearing back, but never gave it  second thought. Then yesterday when I got the mail their was a package for me. In it was the advanced reading copy of Wicked Women of the Bible. One of the things that you are asked to do as you read this book is to blog about it (if you blog). In the coming days and weeks I will be reading the book and blogging about each chapter of the book. I hope that by reading my blog about the book that you will be interested in reading this book. There is also a book W

Making Peace With God's Plan

Recently my mother passed away unexpectedly. It was a shock to both me and my sister. Never once did my sister and I think that Mom could be very ill and not tell us. The day that Mom died I had a serious talk with God. I was in a place that I never thought that I would ever go again and I promised my Aunt Virginia 20 years ago that I would never go. You see 20 years ago (1994) my dad died unexpectedly. At that time I gave up on my faith. I hated God and didn't want anything to do with him. I couldn't understand how a God that clamed to love me could take my dad away. There I was again. If God loved me then why did he take my Mom away. When I pray I talk to God like he is right in the room with me. On this day I made sure to tell God how I felt about what had happened. My faith was shaken. Then I heard God's voice. He gave me a peace that made me feel so much better about the situation. He explained to me how Mama's work in this life was over and t


Sometimes when all hope seems lost you have to have faith that things will get better. You have to be an optomist in the midst of the storm. God will see you through it. You have to stay positive when others are negative. When you stay positive good things will happen to you. God will bless you greatly. He will see you through. You just have to believe. So when you are going through a storm just stay positive and know that God is in control.

The Power of Prayer, Faith, and Good Friends

Recently my Mom had to have surgery. On the day before the surgery Mom asked me to post on Facebook for prayers for her. Mom is a strong believer in the power of prayer. She says that when people are praying for her that she can feel their prayers. Mom was suppose to come home the day after the surgery, but plans changed. I am not one that deals with change well and this was something that really upset me. However, I knew that God had a plan and a purpose in Mom staying put. That was my faith taking control. I had to have faith that God was in the driver's seat. Then there is the fact that friends of mine on Facebook saw my post about Mom and went to visit her in the hospital. She was very surprised. My sister and I were too. That was so nice that in one instance that people we knew were in town and stopped to see Mom at the hospital. In another instance people just decided to get in their car and drive to the hospital to see Mom. It was reassuring to my sister and I that peopl

Let Go and You Will Feel Better

Recently I have started taking an exercise class that has really been very good for me. When I started the class I had reservations about doing some of the exercises. But, after the first class my mind was changed. I can't do a lot of the exercises right now, but I realize that the more that I do them the more that I will be able to do them. One part of the class is about letting go of things that you don't need anymore. Letting go of the things that weigh us down. It is when we do that that I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel so at peace. That is why when we let go of things that are weighing us down we feel so much better. We are not being held back by things that have no meaning to our lives. We are then free to drink in what life has to offer us. I know for me just sitting in the class letting the weight of the world go I feel so much better. I need to do this more often so that I can hear God more clearly. Then I will be more able to let God be in control wh

Division Only Gets More Divided

A church was having some issues with a pastor so they ended up getting rid of the pastor. This pastor had caused lots of division in the church. After getting rid of this pastor the church began to heal and began to work at getting a new pastor. For months the church had fill ins, but were still not happy. Then they advertised for a full time pastor for the church. They had several applicants, but those in charge would not consider them. They wanted to bring back the pastor that caused the division and in the end that pastor came back. The pastor made promises that he said he would keep. He looked good to them. Well, when it was time for this pastor to start back with the church something went wrong. Attendance dropped by 75%. Offerings were down another 90%. Not to mention that within the first month of employment this pastor asked for a $40,000.00 raise (from $50,000.00). On top of that the pastor began to stop coming to activities of the church and even began to miss a Sunday or t

Postive Thoughts Bring Positive Results

As I drive to work each morning I listen to Joel Osteen Radio in the car. His sermons are awesome and they have a great message. Most recently Joel has been speaking about being positive and the power of your words. He says that what you say over your life or situation is what is going to happen. That you need to speak positive in order to get positive results. That when you speak negative that you are going to get negative results. Joel is right. I have realized that there have been situation that I have thought negative about and then changed my thinking to see the results that I have been wanting. If you are in a situation that you feel will not go your way don't loose hope. Start speaking positive about the situation and you will see results. Change your thinking to see what God has good in store for you. If you think more positive about things then more good things will begin to happen. Don't forget to seek God in the situation as well. Turing over the situatio

So Long School Year......Hello Summer Break!

So today is the official start to my Summer Break. Two month from today (8/17) I will be starting back to work. I hate to think that I only get 2 month off, but I am going to make the most of it. A part of me would rather have the Winter months off of work, but I know that I would just be stuck inside and could not go anywhere. One of the things that I look forward to each Summer is Church Camp. I love to share my love of Jesus with others. Plus it gets me out of the house for 8 hours a day. Plus I get some sunshine which has lots of Vitamin D. I get to interact with others that I don't see often and I get to see kids from school. I love the fact that the nights get longer in Summer. That means more time to get outside and enjoy life. Summer lends you to going places that you don't get to go most other times of the year. Most people go to the beach or camping. Summer is also the time that people tend to start a new diet, take time to read more, and just relax. This

A Year and What A Year It Has Been

June 4, 2014....I was at work when the call came. Sara had to be taken to UVA because something was wrong with her unborn baby Isaac. The prayer chains were activated and prayers were started for Sara, Mitchell, and the baby. That was the beginning of the journey for Isaac. June 4, 2015....Isaac turns 1 today and has been through so much in his sort life. He has had a heart transplant among the other procedures that he has had to have in the past year. He is a miracle for sure. I look back on his mother Sara and how much faith that she has had through all of this. I don't think that if I was in the same situation that I would be as strong. I admire Sara's faith through this. She has never given up on trusting God to see her through it all. God sure has never let her down. God has a plan and a purpose for Isaac to be sure. I can remember saying that Isaac was going to get a Christmas Miracle when he was in need of a heart. Sure enough he did get it right before Christma

Live life a little lighter.....Shed the baggage

Joel Osteen was talking this morning in a message on the radio about shedding the baggage. That is we want to be a little lighter in life that we need to get rid of the baggage that is weighing us down. We need to let go of those things that are holding us back from being really happy. He said that we can live a much fuller life if we let go of the baggage. That is so true. If we go around carrying the negative things of life then we are going to be negative. We then will never be able to move forward with life and be happy. We will always be living in the past. We need to live in the present and the future. This reminded me of a man in a church that had for years kept a list of perceived wrongs that another person had done to him. The list went back 15 years or more. One day the man had had quiet enough of the other person and so he went to the church council for help. The list, six pages in full was read at the meeting. When all was said and done the man looked like a fool. The c

Be Postive to See Positive

Most days on the way to and from school I have been listening to Joel Osteen Radio. Joel has had some really good messages. Most recently he was talking about being positive. He was saying that you have to be positive to see positive. That is so true. Joel says that if you speak positive words over something that you are going to see positive results. That is so true. I have saw that with my job. I work as a Preschool Aide and this year we have been working to get a much needed Preschool Playground. Everything was in the works and something happened to put a halt to it. The negatives abounded. We felt like we were not going to get the playground. I had heard Joel's message about speaking positive and I began to do just that. Everyday we would go out to the playground I would thank God for what we had and that I knew that he was going to give us what we needed. Then one day the principle of the school said that the playground was back in the works. That is the power of God at

Modern vs. Tradional Christian Music

Recently I sang a prelude at church. This is something that I do quite often. After the service was over a lady at my church came up to me and told me that the next time that I sang a solo that I needed to sing a more traditional song and that I needed to run it by her for approval first. I was shocked and stunned. How could someone who clamed to be a Christian say this to me? It really had me puzzled. Then I got to thinking about it. Why would someone be so offended by the modern Christian music? I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, many denominations have embraced it. They sing some of the latest Praise and Worship hits as part of their services. Often times it is the more traditional songs that gets thrown by the way side. To me I can see us having a mix of both in church. I would love to sing some of the modern songs along with the traditional. I just recently came across the hit song Glorious Day in our hymnbook under the title One Day. I would love to sing it, but I know

Educators......Super Heros Without A Cape

Recently some of the students in my class decided that I should be called Wonder Woman because of all the things that I do for each of them during the day. That got me to thinking about all the things that teachers and aides do for students each and every day. Teachers and aides go above and beyond the call of duty to educate children. Students take for granted all the hard work that it takes teachers and aides to do their jobs. My mom was a high school teacher. I never really took into consideration all that she did as part of her job. I just like other students took what she did for granted. Like it was expected. Teachers come to school early and stay late. The long hours that they put in are to ensure that their students get a quality education. They spend their own money on school supplies to make sure that their students have all the necessities to have a quality education. They take the time to get to know each student and their families personally. They take a personal in

Cancer Sucks

   Recently Cancer has affected my family. My Uncle Pat passed away after a short battle with cancer. That got me to thinking. When someone that we love is afflicted with Cancer we don't know how long we will have with them. Some will defy the odds.   My friend Carol is an example of defying the odds. Recently she celebrated her 2nd Birthday since her diagnoses of Leukemia. She has lived 2 years longer than they originally thought despite all that she went through to battle the disease.    Cancer is non discriminatory. It can strike anyone at any age. It is a horrid disease. Some are strong enough to fight it. While others become too weak from the battle to fight. Everyone who gets cancer is different. Most recently a friend of mine has had cancer hit home. Last year her Uncle was diagnosed with cancer and at first he was doing great. Then things started to change. Now he is in the fight of his life. Prayers are being said at this time. This is just the nature of

A Call to Prayer

I know recently I have been focusing on the topic of prayer. That is because I feel so strongly that believers need to get on their knees and pray. Now is the time to start using the greatest weapon in our Christian arsenal to fight and defeat Satan. We need to come together as true believers to stop Satan from taking over the church before it is too late. I know that often churches struggle with bringing in new members to help their church grow. They see the church next door growing, but they don't understand why people will not come to their church. That is when the church needs to come together in prayer to have the Lord help them. If we are true Christians then prayer will come easy. We will be able to fall to our knees and pray with conviction. Then we will be able to take a step back and let God take control. On the other hand, if we are not a true Christian than prayer is not easy. You will want to deal with the problem on your terms. Then when things blow up in your