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Pull The Log Out Of Your Eye

There are people that judge me all the time. They make comments about how I dress, do my hair, my lifestyle, and so on. It is just what these people do. They live for it. Strive to see how far they can go to push mine or anyone else's buttons. I have learned over the years to just laugh and walk away. I don't give in to it. Why? Well, here is the reason. These type of people are covering for a deeper issue in life. They have something deeper going on that they don't want others to know about. So they will find someone to pick on or belittle so that they can deflect the problem off of them. For example a person in your church pulls you aside each week after service to berate you about one thing or another. Everything going wrong at church is your fault. You can't do anything right in their eyes. What do you do? Pray about it. God shows you that this person is having problems. Their house is up for sale. You knew that already that this person has plans to move to t

Christian Dress Code

Some time ago I was told that how I dressed to come to church was not following what the bible says about how we should dress to come to church.  I was puzzled by that statement. I was told that women should not wear pants and also should keep their heads covered at all times. I had to shake my head a bit at this interpretation of the bible.   Part of this is true. In the bible it does say that women need to keep their heads covered. However, there is nothing in the bible that mentions how women should other wise dress. Back in bible times everyone (men and women) wore long robes or dresses. Pants didn't come along till much later. So how could the bible talk about not wearing them if they did not exist at that time? The bible does say that you should come in your best to see Jesus. That means if your best is jeans or nice looking pants then wear them. God wants to see our hearts. We need to be concerned with how we dress our hearts than ourselves.  Yes we need to wear n

Extreme Cold

I am one to shout it from the roof tops that I don't like winter. I am not a fan of the snow and ice that is associated with winter, but more so I hate the cold temps. Recently here in West Virginia we have had a spell where the weather has been extremely cold.  That is to say that the wind has been wild, temps fall into the teens, and it feels like in the minus numbers. Not something that I like a whole lot. So when the extreme cold hits you need to be safe. First if you have to go outside bundle up. Heavy coat, hat, gloves, thick socks, heavy pants, etc. This will keep you warm. Also if you have to go some place you need to give your car time to warm up. Check make sure to check your decks and steps for water and clear it off. That way ice will not form. Dress in layers. You can take clothes off and on if needed. Make sure that your home is air tight so that you don't loose heat in the winter. In extreme cold it will take more to heat your home. Make sure