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Some Days

I have a daily routine that I have been doing since the year started at work. This is the same routine that I started doing last year. Suddenly things have changed. I don't mind the change at all. It is just that well if it is going to change I should be told. People don't need to go behind my back and do things without telling me. I am on pins and needles as it is at work. I never do anything right. I get yelled at for being gone from the room too long, but what is failed to be realized is all that I have to do in order to do what this person wants done. It is not easy. Some people never think that having to have things their way makes it hard on others. That is not to mention that if there are certain rules and regulations in place that must be followed these self centered people can not side step them. So for the last few days when things have changes without notice I keep doing as I always do. When things make me upset I just walk away and let God be in control. Howev

Gratitude 2018 Day 31

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 31 #AttitudeOfGratitude2018 #grateful #thankful I am grateful for pain. It tells me that something is wrong. It tells me that I don't feel well. It tells me that I am stressed. It tells me that I need a break. It tells me that I need to slow down. It tells me that I need to sleep. We may not think that pain is a good thing, but it really is. Yesterday I had a painful migraine that was a sign that my blood pressure was up. I had to just take a step back and put everything in God's hands. I know somedays I try to be Wonder Woman or Super Woman, but my body just will not let me. I try to do to much and stress out to much. That is when the pain sets in. I let things get to me and then I am in pain afterwards. It is not worth it. I just have to do what I got to do and not let the pain set in. When I am in pain I just talk to God and let him be in control. He takes over and that is what needs to happen. He can fight my ba

Gratitude 2018 Day 30

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 30 #AttitudeOfGratitude2018 #grateful #thankful I am grateful for heat. I am so glad that we have heat to stay warm. We take it for granted. There are people in this world that do not have heat and it is sad. We need to be more grateful for the little things that we have.

Don't Make Me Stop This Car

When I was a kid my sister and I would fight like cats and dogs. It was an epic battle. I am five years older than my sister. However, my sister is stronger. Car rides places were interesting to say the least. The verbal wars that we would have got on Mom's nerves. More than one time Mom would say "Don't make me stop this car." The last two Fridays I have been charged with getting my sister's boyfriend's kids from school and bringing them home. I feel like I am in an episode on Monday Night RAW with these two. The fighting starts from the time I sign them out of school till the time we get home. I have figured out how to curb the car fighting. Willie's Roadhouse on Sirius XM and me singing all the way up the road gets me peace for 15 minutes. At home I make one do their homework and the other read. No tv and no toys. Nice quiet time. This past week I felt like my mother. I wanted to say those words to them in hopes of getting them to stop. However, I

Gratitude 2018 Day 29

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 29 #AttitudeOfGratitude2018 #grateful #thankful I am grateful today for water. Water to drink, water to take a shower, water to cook with, and more. We take water for granted. There are people in this world that don't have water. Some don't even have clean water. It is so sad. It makes me sad when I serve that kids water at snack and all they do is complain or better yet just throw it down the sink without drinking it. Often times they tell me that they don't like water and that they don't want me to serve it to them. Water is good for you and your body needs it to stay healthy and keep hydrated. When you have a headache drinking water is the first thing that you should do cause that is your body's way of telling you that you are dehydrated.

Sometimes You Have To Smile

This morning I was up earlier than usual. On mornings like this I tend to spend time in prayer and listening for God's answers to me. This morning I got to thinking about all the people in my life that are going through so many bad things. Then it got me to thinking about all the bad things in my life. Then it hit me. Sometimes when life throws s curve balls like this we need to make the most of it by just smiling. Once you put a smile on your face you will forget about all the bad things that are going on in this life. Smile and let God be in control of it. Whatever happens God has it in his hands. It will work out for his will in the end. We just have to be positive about it all. We need to let him do what only he can do. That is what I do almost everyday. When things seem out of control I just smile and tell God that he has whatever it is. I know he is in control and will deal with it. It is better to let him be in control than to worry about something that I can't con

Gratitude 2018 Day 28

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 28 #AttitudeOfGratitude2018 #grateful #thankful I am grateful today for my neighbors. I have some of the best neighbors who some have been there all my life. I know that if I need anything I can count on them. They also are so wonderful to us in the summer by giving us things from their gardens. I still remember how when Mom passed the love and kindness that they neighbors showed to us. It made me feel so good to know that people cared about us during our time of loss. I am thankful to that I have neighbors that will also look out for Uncle Woodie and Aunt Joem. That is a help to us. God has richly blessed us.