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Live life a little lighter.....Shed the baggage

Joel Osteen was talking this morning in a message on the radio about shedding the baggage. That is we want to be a little lighter in life that we need to get rid of the baggage that is weighing us down. We need to let go of those things that are holding us back from being really happy. He said that we can live a much fuller life if we let go of the baggage. That is so true. If we go around carrying the negative things of life then we are going to be negative. We then will never be able to move forward with life and be happy. We will always be living in the past. We need to live in the present and the future. This reminded me of a man in a church that had for years kept a list of perceived wrongs that another person had done to him. The list went back 15 years or more. One day the man had had quiet enough of the other person and so he went to the church council for help. The list, six pages in full was read at the meeting. When all was said and done the man looked like a fool. The c

Be Postive to See Positive

Most days on the way to and from school I have been listening to Joel Osteen Radio. Joel has had some really good messages. Most recently he was talking about being positive. He was saying that you have to be positive to see positive. That is so true. Joel says that if you speak positive words over something that you are going to see positive results. That is so true. I have saw that with my job. I work as a Preschool Aide and this year we have been working to get a much needed Preschool Playground. Everything was in the works and something happened to put a halt to it. The negatives abounded. We felt like we were not going to get the playground. I had heard Joel's message about speaking positive and I began to do just that. Everyday we would go out to the playground I would thank God for what we had and that I knew that he was going to give us what we needed. Then one day the principle of the school said that the playground was back in the works. That is the power of God at

Modern vs. Tradional Christian Music

Recently I sang a prelude at church. This is something that I do quite often. After the service was over a lady at my church came up to me and told me that the next time that I sang a solo that I needed to sing a more traditional song and that I needed to run it by her for approval first. I was shocked and stunned. How could someone who clamed to be a Christian say this to me? It really had me puzzled. Then I got to thinking about it. Why would someone be so offended by the modern Christian music? I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, many denominations have embraced it. They sing some of the latest Praise and Worship hits as part of their services. Often times it is the more traditional songs that gets thrown by the way side. To me I can see us having a mix of both in church. I would love to sing some of the modern songs along with the traditional. I just recently came across the hit song Glorious Day in our hymnbook under the title One Day. I would love to sing it, but I know

Educators......Super Heros Without A Cape

Recently some of the students in my class decided that I should be called Wonder Woman because of all the things that I do for each of them during the day. That got me to thinking about all the things that teachers and aides do for students each and every day. Teachers and aides go above and beyond the call of duty to educate children. Students take for granted all the hard work that it takes teachers and aides to do their jobs. My mom was a high school teacher. I never really took into consideration all that she did as part of her job. I just like other students took what she did for granted. Like it was expected. Teachers come to school early and stay late. The long hours that they put in are to ensure that their students get a quality education. They spend their own money on school supplies to make sure that their students have all the necessities to have a quality education. They take the time to get to know each student and their families personally. They take a personal in

Cancer Sucks

   Recently Cancer has affected my family. My Uncle Pat passed away after a short battle with cancer. That got me to thinking. When someone that we love is afflicted with Cancer we don't know how long we will have with them. Some will defy the odds.   My friend Carol is an example of defying the odds. Recently she celebrated her 2nd Birthday since her diagnoses of Leukemia. She has lived 2 years longer than they originally thought despite all that she went through to battle the disease.    Cancer is non discriminatory. It can strike anyone at any age. It is a horrid disease. Some are strong enough to fight it. While others become too weak from the battle to fight. Everyone who gets cancer is different. Most recently a friend of mine has had cancer hit home. Last year her Uncle was diagnosed with cancer and at first he was doing great. Then things started to change. Now he is in the fight of his life. Prayers are being said at this time. This is just the nature of