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Halloween and All Saints Day

Today is Halloween. A day when parents dress their children up in costumes to look like their favorite super hero, movie character, or what have you to take them door to door tick or treating for candy. People like me either sit on their porches or by the door waiting to see what children will come to their house. Some places will have truck or treats. Some places the fire departments will have a family friendly party.  People will head out to whatever it is this evening. Some people will not celebrate the holiday for one reason or another and that is ok. Tomorrow however, is a holiday that goes unnoticed. All Saints Day is one that people usually don't celebrate. This is a day to remember all those who passed away in the last year. In the church we use to have a moment of silence for those who passed in the last year. All Saints Day is not just a day to remember those passed in the last year, but also a day to remember those that have gone on before us. It is a day


Have you ever worked with someone that was psychologically abusive?  Someone that had to be in control of things all the time and when their plans didn't go they took it out on you? Someone who used you as their verbal punching bag? If this has every happened to you then you are not alone. I have been there. At the time my co-workers thought that I was out of my mind. They could not believe that this would ever happen to me. Then they saw it in action and things changed. At first when this was happening I never thought of it as abuse. I thought of it as just how things were between us. One part of the abuse was to never share anything with me. That in a way was good. That way when things went wrong and I didn't know about it I was in the clear. I could use the excuse that I never knew about it in the first place.  Another part of the abuse was to make decision without getting my input. That was sometimes good and sometimes bad. It was bad cause whe

Live The Let Go Life

Some time ago I ran across a sermon by Joseph Prince entitled Live The Let Go Life . This sermon talked about breaking free from stress, worry, and anxiety. Recently I have been feeling tired and worn out. I don't sleep well and frankly by the middle of the day I am ready for a nap. I go home and some evenings I fall asleep on the couch or in the chair. I use to blame stress and worry on this, but I realized that it was more than that after hearing this sermon. I realized that I was fighting the devil or multiple devils in my life. I was fighting battles in my life that had turned into a war for my soul. I realized that I needed to give this fight over to God and let him take control. I need to do my fighting in prayer and then take a huge step back. Get out of the way and let God be in control. I know that when I get up each day I start my day with worry. I worry about what could go wrong with my day before it even begins. I have anxiety about going to work. I think up pr

I Want A Love Like That

Since I started working in the school system I have gotten to know a lot of people. I have gotten to work with some great teachers over the years. This week one of those great teachers went to be with Jesus. Ann Hodges will forever be remembered by so many who's life she touched in the time that she was here on earth. I got to know Ann when I first became an Aide. I was working in Special Ed and she was one of the teachers that I got to work with. I learned really quickly that she pulled no punches and wanted every child to succeed. She cared about every student. She challenged her students to be more than what they thought they could be. She even challenged them to be more than what others thought they could be.  She saw the good in everyone. There was never a person that was a stranger to her. She loved to talk to everyone. I know that even after she retired that when I would see her out she would talk to me. We would catch up and I knew she had


Most mornings I wake up I don't want to get up. I would rather stay in bed. Most night I go to bed worn and drained. Then I remember that I am blessed so much. God blesses me everyday and I am grateful for that. God blesses me in so many ways. Some that I don't even know. We all need to take the time to enjoy God's blessings for us. I was listening to Joel Osteen and he was giving a sermon on blessings from your enemies. I never realized that the lady at church that gives me a sermon after worship each week is showering me with blessings. Novel concept that I will keep in mind. I realized today that I am so blessed no matter what in life. I also realized that I can be a blessing in life too. Just like this week I sent a card to a family member who had missed church last Sunday. She thanked me for the card and said it really made her feel good. As I realized I am blessed every morning when God wakes me up. I am blessed when I am able to get out o

You Are Parked Illegally

So recently I went to church as I always do. When I got there I parked where I always park. Before I go farther with this let me say that my Uncle and my Aunt usually come to church with me in my car. Neither one of them drives. My Uncle has never driven and my Aunt doesn't drive due to doctor's orders. So this Sunday it was just me and my Uncle in the car. As I said I parked the car where I always do. I always park in a spot along the side of the church that has handicap parking. I put my Uncle's handicap placard in the rear view mirror before exiting the car as I do each Sunday. I really don't need to do this, but since this happened I make sure to do so. We went into church as usual. Nothing was said about my parking and that is normal. That was until worship. A man in his late 70s early 80s who had just had hip replacement surgery comes in with his single prong cane. He walks up to me and asks me if the placard in my car belongs to me. I tol