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Day 30 of #Thanks

Day 30 of # Thanks I want to say how thankful I am for all my blessings. I take life for granted too often. God gives us each day as a blessing and we need to be thankful for it.

Day 64 of 180 Days of #choosekind

Day 64 of 180 Days of #choosekind : I helped a friend celebrate their birthday. I showed Cosmo some love since he really missed me.  How did you #choosekind today?

Gratitude 2018 Day 334

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 334 #AttitudeOfGratitude2018 #grateful #thankful I am grateful that today I woke up I Huntington and was able to spend time with co-workers away from school. Sometimes we just need a break from work. Somedays I feel busted and need a break. It is good to get away, but better to be home.

Day 63 of 180 Days of #chooskind

Day 63 of 180 Days of #choosekind : I talked with a student who was sad today. Told Hannah and Austin how much I loved them before I left. How did you #choosekind today?

Day 29 of #Thanks

Day 29 of # Thanks I am thankful for time away from home and work, but are grateful for home. I miss my family. I especially miss Cosmo. I bet he will be glad to see me when I get home.

Gratitude 2018 Day 333

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 333 #AttitudeOfGratitude2018 #grateful #thankful I am grateful for people that fill in. Those willing when you have to be out to take your place. Sometimes things happen that change plans of who is going to fill in and that is ok. I understand. It is just frustrating to have to wait and see who will be next to pick up the job. God is in control.