Blessings A Day 2019 Day 336

Blessings A Day 2019-Day 336

I am blessed:

That this morning when I got up I was not dragging even though I did mess up my sleep schedule over the break. I was able to get up and get going with no problem. However, I failed to shut my back up alarm off this morning so it was going off when I got home.

That I came home to quiet which was a good time to spend in prayer and meditation. I was able to sit for a bit quiet and try to hear God speak to me. It was really good.

That even though in the past few weeks I have found myself wanting to cry that God has been by my side and so have my dear friends.

That no matter how much my leg and knee hurt me a times I thank God that I am alive and well. I thank God that I am still able to walk. I thank God that nothing is going to get me down.


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