Blessings A Day 2019 Day 355

Blessings A Day 2019-Day 355

I am blessed:

That when I make soup that no one in my house will eat (except me) that I can share it with others.

That there are honest people in the world. That when they fins something that does not belong to them that they will give it to the right people.

That there a people, places, and churches in the community that think of others at the holidays. My Uncle may grumble about all the kind things people have brought him this holiday season, but he is very appreciative.

That I have time that I cam spend with those that I love. You neve know when those that you love will be called home. Life is too short.

That I can do some prayer journaling. I now have 3 prayer journals going on. It is a great way to write down prayer request or prayers for people.

That God is with me all the time. That he is driving the life that live. He has been in charge of this life that I live. I may sometimes question things that he does, but it all part of my faith in him.


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